Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Time with myself

This is me at the moment: Tired. A little headache-addled. Going to bed early tonight. Making sure I had quiet time tonight after a strange day. It was a day of many things feeling vaguely "off." Awkward. Not quite working, though working "well enough," but sometimes that's not satisfying either.

Perhaps I'm too tired to properly explain.

Tonight -- I didn't really want to engage with people. Some basic, functional online interaction once I was home, but less than normal. Actual conversation, these past few hours, was and is not a good idea. I feel like I'm letting people down by being that way. I also feel that trying to engage more closely tonight would've been to "force" things, and I would've gotten too easily annoyed.

So. Here I go, winding down for rest and for the next day. Preparing my mind for the sleep it needs, so it and I can be more ready for everything else. Because when there's "everything else," that means a lot. (Yeah, and no matter where you go, there you are.)

This was kind of an unsatisfying post to write.

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