Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A good morning

A hanging-out morning. Portland is in and out of heavy rains this weekend, and I don't have to be out today if I don't want to, so this morning (same as Saturday morning, I'm glad) I slept in a bit. Yesterday I got going early by Saturday standards so I could get my car's DEQ check-up, and after it passed I treated myself to steak breakfast at Jubitz, a legitimately world-famous truck stop in North Portland. In other words, they know from comfort food, and the food was comforting. So after that errand, some hanging-out and relaxing was possible. And relax I did.

And relax I do. With my leg resting (I barked my knee on my desk last night and it's a little sore. My knee, not my desk) and with a break in the clouds letting in the sun for now. I'll take the sun and let some of it soak in (though as I showed last night, I don't mind the rain and can usually handle it). This is relaxing, too.

This morning I've also been doing that hanging-out thing with music, courtesy a mix CD by my friend rafaela (hi, Anna). I realized I was in the mood for at least one song on it, and as Anna's good at making mix CDs it turned out many other songs were right for my mood as well.

The lineup:

1. Harry Nilsson, "Jump Into the Fire"
2. Tom Petty, "Zombie Zoo"
3. Bonzo Dog Band, "I'm the Urban Spaceman"
4. April March, "Chick Habit" -- this song just makes me smile.
5. Love, "Alone Again Or"
6. Pentangle, "The Trees They Do Grow High"
7. P.J. Harvey, "Send His Love to Me"
8. Fairport Convention, "Meet On the Ledge" -- I can so imagine this song being used in a movie in a way that could make the audience cry.
9. The Decemberists, "Eli the Barrowboy" -- quite gentle. I introduced my former girlfriend Alicia to the Decemberists this way.
10. XTC, "Dear God"
11. Al Stewart, "Electric Los Angeles Sunset" -- this song really works for me.
12. Slainte Mhath, "Annie" -- the one song on this mix that does very little for me, for some reason. I skip past it.
13. Steeleye Span, "Alison Gross"
14. Noir Désir, "A l'Envers, A l'Endroit"
15. Jane Siberry, "Mimi on the Beach" -- evocative, in a way I'm not eloquent enough to explain right now. I quite like this one.
16. Joy Division, "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
17. Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, "Tanglewood Tree"
18. John & Beverley Martyn, "Stormbringer"
19. The Saw Doctors, "Never Mind the Strangers"
20. The Strawbs, "I've Been My Own Worst Friend"

Thank you, rafaela, for this and for the others.
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