Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Here's to being a sick, sick person (sometimes), and other blogging thoughts

I can be a sick person.

Sometimes I indulge that here; often I don't. But if you've read my writing enough, here and elsewhere, you've probably seen me indulge in that. (I know not to indulge in saying such stuff in, say, an office. I learned that lesson VERY quickly in my professional life.)

Before I started this journal, I took part in a couple of bulletin boards in 2003 and 2004. One was for fans of Caitlin R. Kiernan, who's greygirlbeast here on LJ; another, related one was for fans of Poppy Z. Brite, a.k.a. docbrite. On the "Doc" Brite-centered board, someone started a thread that was meant to be the board's Unleashed Id. We were encouraged to be AWFUL...but ONLY there. Harsh language was fine elsewhere (celebrating Kiernan and Brite, both fans and good users of harsh language, means that harsh language is usually just fine), but we were better behaved there.

The thread where we were allowed to be awful was called "Daddy, No!" And its first entry was "Bad Touch! Bad Touch!" And the first reply was -- I'm paraphrasing as closely as 7-year-old memories allow -- "It's OK, honey. We're going to play a game. You like games, don't you? And this is a good game. It's called 'Digging For Oil'..."

That set the tone very quickly.

I had fun indulging in that thread, both reading it and (sometimes) writing in it. It was disgusting and cruel. I wasn't disgusting or cruel anywhere else, though, at least I don't think/feel so. It was an outlet for weirder thoughts, and I can use those outlets. And I stayed well-behaved elsewhere online. The rest of the boards had all sorts of discussion, as they should: book thoughts, movie reviews, band appreciation, dealing with news (both boards were loaded with animal-lovers, and on Brite's board we were lamenting and discussing what to do about the poisoning of dogs in Portland, Oregon parks), and more.

I try not to read someone who ALWAYS posts like that. And the people I regularly read, they don't do that. Thank you for not doing that.

Reminds me how I don't like the "always joke about stuff" response to stuff. Certain writers, anything happens, they make a joke. Being knee-jerk funny can lead to no longer beign funny. Even Dave Barry wrote serious columns: I remember when one of his kids had an accident, and of course he was completely serious in his first column after 9/11. Even he knew not to use his strong humor muscles in those situations. He still wrote like Dave Barry, though.

Blogging allows the whole spectrum of experience, or at least it should. I try for that. I'm going to keep trying for that.

If you want me to tackle something on that spectrum that I haven't been tackling, ask! I like suggestions.

This is me reminding myself to keep varied. It's a way to keep interesting.

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