Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I've got "Soul," but I'm not a soldier

Bought Poppy's Soul Kitchen last night. Already 80 pages into it. Have laughed appreciatively several times. Have also gotten a little choked up at the dedication. Twice.
Soul Kitchen was completed the night before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. In the aftermath of the storm, it became obvious that I must dedicate the book to the readers and friends who kept us afloat during impossible times.

To them, and also to Buddy Diliberto, Big Chief Tootie Montana, Joseph Casamento, Mary and Ernest Hansen, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Marisol, Commander's Palace, Angelo Brocato's, Crystal hot sauce, Christian's, Camp-A-Nella's, Dixie Beer, Mandina's, Restaurant Mandich, Camellia Grill, Liuzza's, Dooky Chase, Adam's BBQ, Willie Moe's Scotch House, Ruth's Chris On Broad, Charlie's, Crescent City Steakhouse, Wagner's Meat, King Roger's Seafood, the Circle Food Store, Bruning's, Sid-Mar's, Rocky & Carlo's, Campo's Marina, and everyone and everything else we lost in 2005. Some will be back; some won't. All are irreplaceable.
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