Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


"I never meant to breaaaaaaak your heart -- but you broke mine," Marillion sings in the song "Kayleigh." Pretty song. Pretty 80s song, as it's from 1985.

And it makes me think of Kaylee Frye from Firefly. And it shouldn't.

Because I can't picture Kaylee breaking anyone's heart.

She'd be gentle with the feelings of others: partners, potential partners, friends. She might not be gentle in bed with them, but that's beside the point. Love, I sense, is important to her. Sex definitely is. She wouldn't be careless or flippant with these. If someone feels about her in a way she doesn't or can't reciprocate, I have the feeling she'd help them get over it, move on, and feel better about the process in the process. And she'd hope that that person will then find someone nice who thinks they're nice, too.

She'd deal with crushes. She radiates both love and sex appeal, and people would pick up on that. But I get the sense that she'd deal with crushes well. Just a sense, but it makes sense. Because I think she'd pick up on that. And say to that person that he or she is a good person, who she hopes makes that connection with another, and it'll be great when it happens, but for now here's a hug, because that is what she can give. (I ideally should write something that sounds like what Kaylee would say, but I'm not up for creating Firefly dialogue, at least not this early.)

She'd almost certainly hug well, too.

She'd want to add to love in the world, I mean the 'Verse. And power to her for that.

And maybe, just maybe, breaking someone's heart would break Kaylee's heart, too. She feels a lot. So she'd want not to do that.

It's nice, thinking about how Kaylee would be about this.
Tags: creme de la chris, firefly/whedon, music

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