Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

therealljidol Week 0: I Me Mine, I Me Mine, I Me Mine

Title shamelessly stolen from George Harrison. You may notice it’s also this blog’s title. If you’re going to write about yourself as much as a blogger does, do it with a wink. Own it. Have fun with it. Say stuff like “My blog: it’s the interesting kind of boring!” And, overall, be good to words.

I’ve done that here since 2004. Before that I did it in “blast e-mails” to a few dozen family members and friends. It was pre-blogging blogging, and I found I liked it. Now I want to do more of it.

I’ve been paid for my writing. Specifically three years (1997-2000) as a writer-reporter for a weekly community newspaper in an irrigated corner of Northeast Oregon’s semi-desert, near the Columbia River. (Hermiston, Oregon. Potatoes and watermelons come from there. Poison gas doesn’t, because they built a giant incinerator to destroy the chemical weapons supplies that were stored about 10 miles outside of town.) Today I’m paid to help a corner of an office run -- so my words, generated on my free time, don’t have to please people who pay my paycheck. (Say that last clause three times fast.)

What else am I? Mid/late-30s guy. Navy brat (Dad served 26 years, before and after I showed up in the world; we averaged a move about every year-and-a-half ’til my mid-teens). Movie reviewer. Surprisingly quiet in my real life, but willing to talk, sometimes even boldly. Hobbyist photographer. Likely to laugh loudly when moved to laugh, and as I know many, many hysterical people, that is often. A committed walker, in a city (Portland, Oregon) damn good for walking; we have deliberately short blocks. Owner of a head that seems to grow in pictures and hair that likes waving. Media geek who follows the weird, idiosyncratic nature of Portland broadcasting. Multi-decade Star Trek fan who’s gotten to be friendly and acquainted with Star Trek novelists. Sports appreciator, in a spectator way since I am likely about as good at sports as Douglas Adams, who once broke his nose on his knee playing rugby. (Oh, I’m a longtime Douglas Adams fan, too, and that‘s had some WONDERFUL consequences. *is happily cryptic*) And more, some of which will get revealed as I do this therealljidol thing.

I’m available for questions, chair-dancing, waving your hands in the air like you don’t care, quoting Terry Gilliam’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen which I’ve seen dozens of times, rambling (ya noticed?), harm-free removal of spiders, and other acts of Me-ality.

Let’s have fun.

(This is an entry for therealljidol. I‘ll tell you more as I learn more about how LJ Idol goes.)
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