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To treat myself

I can use something nice. I can use a treat. An indulgence. Ideally -- had I gotten off my ass and planned properly and (most likely) asked for a money gift -- I would've gone to Seattle this weekend and see my talented friends s00j and stealthcello bring their performance event "Strowler Nights" there. But -- the time and expense of getting to and from Seattle and taking part in that feels, right now, beyond me.

But, still, I can use something nice. I can use a treat. An indulgence.

I'm road-tripping tomorrow to a part of the Oregon Coast I haven't been to in years, Tillamook -- probably stopping along the way to visit the Tillamook Forest Center -- and then I'll drive north from there, being near a potentially stormy sea. (It'll be rainy, at least, and that's JUST FINE for the Oregon Coast; it's part of its chilly charm.) Oh, and also I'll likely stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, as I'm a consumer whore with a sweet tooth. My plan is to drive up to Hwy. 26 and head back to Portland, I hope in time for Oregon football tomorrow night. But it'll be on the radio, so I can listen as I approach the Portland area again.

Getting out, being elsewhere, feeling air that's been blasted across thousands of miles of sea: that's my kind of treat.

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