Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Berkeley Breathed interviewed by Mike Russell

Bless you, Berkeley Breathed. Mike Russell interviews Breathed at length about Bloom County, his book work, his ties to Hollywood, his use of technology, his work appearing in museums, and more. In that singular, signature Breathed style:
RUSSELL: For me, the biggest revelation of the IDW's first "Bloom County" collection was watching you learn how to make a comic strip in public. Almost the entire cast from the first six months of "Bloom County" was jettisoned. Was the syndicate cool about giving you time to figure it out?

BREATHED: The Washington Post syndicate had little option, as they hadn't a clue what I should do. They were smart about the fact that they were only slightly dumber than me vis a vis what a comic strip is supposed to be.

They'd tried to make a strip by committee just before they stumbled on my work: "Dupont Circle." A magnificent failure, of course. By the time they got to me, they were flummoxed and just threw me a bottle of Vermouth and the keys to the Ferrari.

Yep -- you can see me learning to drive and destroying the neighborhood in the process. All in the books now, alas.
Oy, it's cool that Mike Russell got to talk to the dude.

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