Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Open up!

Occasionally, including this morning, I go through my relatively few "Friends-Locked" entries -- the slightly more private entries where I needed to invite readers in so they could read them -- and unlock them so they can be viewed by the general public. If said general public goes back through my archives, of course.

I don't lock many entries. I'm past 4,900 entries since September 2004 and one time I did the math and found I'd locked only a few percent of them. (I'm lucky in that I can be reasonably open online; some people I know and am fond of would be treated miserably if their entries were more open.) I invest a fair amount of myself into this blog and, for ego reasons, I like it to be mostly accessible. It's good to be read!

I do also try to be careful about what I write. (And recognize that though I have gotten into trouble at times when trying to be funny, that shouldn't stop me from trying to be funny.) My topics have varied over the past six years of blogging, getting looser about certain subjects and less effusive about others -- I don't write about work as much, while dreaming is a longtime reliable topic, which I try to keep interesting -- and my commitment to the blogging has varied based on my energy level and whatever else has been happening in my life. I hope it's stayed varied in an interesting way.

(A similar evolution has happened over on my Twitter feed. Twitter being Twitter, that evolution's been faster. I also feel a little looser over there -- which is part of why I don't link to it from this blog, plus a lot of it would be very out-of-context. You think I'm odd based on reading this? On Twitter, I'm odder. It's a different kind of writing than I do here, and I like having the other outlet.)

All this keeps me thinking about why I write, while, of course, writing. Here's to exercise. A little more of which you can read, as now this blog is infinitesimally more open.

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