Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

That Thing Called Sleep

Awake-ish. A little punchy. Hoping my sleep schedule gets a little more regular, because the last couple of nights haven't felt restorative enough.

I should be warm enough for good sleep. I found that it can help to wear a sweatshirt to bed, for more of that warmth, and I did that last night. (I don't control my apartment's heat, and for at least part of last night the place was a little on the cool side.) But I've awakened at early, weird-for-me times the last couple of nights. In and out of sleep.

I haven't been exerting enough in the evenings. I can do more of that. Quick walks. And I know to walk carefully, post-end of Daylight Savings Time. Bright yellow coat, you are my friend.

Anyway. Work on this I will.

Make today better...

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