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The apartment's a little neater. Not as neat as it could be, but that's always the way.

The day has been calm. That's one thing I needed.

I've eaten good food from my kitchen. Was tempted earlier to have someone feed me, via a drive-thru, but I do have food I can use and some of it has been used. More will be used later, and it will be good too. Probably waiting to go out and get more food, as in grocery food, tomorrow morning. I've eaten out maybe a little too much lately, especially at work. I'll get reimbursed for my Thursday breakfast, as I got it while running an errand for the job, but I need to get around to preparing my own lunches and not have to get something once I'm at the office.

(By the way, it feels a little weird not to say where I went on Thursday. I won't be able to say so until we've either won or lost the potential job. Of course, I hope we win it. I'll simply say I went somewhere where I could get fed. And that's so oblique a clue that it's not a clue at all.)

Again, a calm, simple day after a scrambling, up-and-down week. Taking it easy remains a good idea.

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