Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Blow it with FLAIR

Geek Trivia tonight. I stayed there for Round 1 of 2 and then left before Round 2 as I wasn't up for staying up and out much later, but I did contribute. And also completely accidentally blow a bonus question.

So it was about the Star Trek: The Next Generation ep "The Game" and the main question (BEFORE I KNOW THERE WAS A BONUS QUESTION WITH IT) was, what did the virtual reality game cause the player (answer: sexual gratification, or orgasm, or whatever your word or euphemism is for it). Someone yelled "Worst TNG episode ever!" And I yelled back "Come on! It had Ashley Judd in it! Back when she was cool!"

The host said "Bonus point! Who guest-starred in the episode?"

"FUCK," I yelled. "I HAVEN'T READ THE QUESTIONS, REALLY," I added, still yelling. It's a bar. Yelling's needed.

Okay, everyone playing BETTER HAVE GOTTEN THAT so that no one felt left out. We got that answer, obviously (plus people were pretty laid-back about it happening).

Vow I do now, if the Geek Trivia hosts ever use any of the questions I've submitted, I will A) just watch and B) NOT YELL OUT ACCIDENTAL CLUES.
Tags: portland, star trek

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