Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Next weekend, I'm taking a bath.

Next weekend is Thanksgiving. Next weekend I'll be at my parents' home in Dundee to celebrate. Next weekend I'll have access to a bath, whereas here I just have a shower.

It's been a need-a-bath couple of weeks.

Some major stress for my department at work -- I worked yesterday and did a job errand today, and some night this past week the rest of the team has sometimes worked until nearly midnight -- and as I can be an emotional sponge I've taken on some of the free-floating stress. I also had to consider the possibility that I'd be needed at the office today; when I called my boss and he gave me a pass to stay home today, I thanked him, got off the phone, then flopped backwards in my seat and looked ceiling-ward and said "Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you!" I'd not been looking forward to going in.

I want to look forward to going in again. We should be able to get past the really major stressors this weekend, and no matter what, next weekend is a long weekend. Which I'll spend at what almost feels like a vacation home where I can bathe in warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmth.

Don't go crazy between now and then, OK, Chris?

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