Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And I think somewhere I saw Dream-Scarlett Johansson. But just *saw* her. Oh well.

Why would the vast majority of northeast New Mexico be covered in giant lakes?

I mean, just because a map I dreamed about -- a really detailed dream-map -- said so?

Let's see: per a real-world map, northeast New Mexico has rivers and some lakes, but we were talking near-Great Lakes-sized bodies of water. THIS MUST HAVE MEANT SOMETHING. So was me being in some warm part of the world (not necessarily this new version of New Mexico; it seemed more tropical and tree-laden than that) which, like Northwestern Washington, often uses ferries for commutes.

Whatever it was, it was a very functional dream: me and others doing stuff. Going places and doing things, or at least seeming like we were accomplishing stuff, and feeling warm while doing it. It was easier to accept when I was asleep and warm. Now I'm facing a morning during Portland's first Arctic blast of the season, a morning where it's maybe 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and warmth seems very especially important. The real world's going to require a cap and maybe a scarf. Because warmth is even more important when you're awake.
Tags: dreams

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