Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


My promised-to-myself bath has happened.

("Don't forget to have your bath!" Mom said this morning on her way out to church.)

It was needed and good. Warmth, quiet -- insulated enough from Dad's political shows (I've become a wuss about listening to political shows; I mean, c'mon, I managed in the early 90s to listen to G. Gordon Liddy's radio show, and as I've said before I disagree with Liddy on an almost molecular level) -- and feeling encouraged to have warm thoughts. Makes me want to have a nice bathroom set-up when I next live in a house, so I feel I can really luxuriate in the bath and read in it and stuff like that. But -- I rested, and relaxed, and that was enough.

I can really relax in a bath. This included nearly giving my poor mom a heart attack when I was a child, when we got home from a cross-country trip and I took a late bath, and got so relaxed and was so small that I floated in the bath water. And fell asleep. And managed not to swallow water, but (oh no) that wasn't what it looked like to poor Mom when she walked in to see how I was doing. I was fine! Really! But that woke me up bolt-awake really quickly.

Sorry, Mom.

So. This morning, a bath. A treat, successfully had. A bath that didn't scare anybody. And then washing myself off more thoroughly via soap and shower water. I feel really clean right now. And really relaxed.

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