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This is still SRS BSNS (therealljidol)

Thought process that led to my taking a bye on Week 4 of therealljidol:

The topic, "The Elephant in the Room," first seemed a good fit for a little bit of fiction. I started writing something...
Ya can't breathe. Can't breathe, I tell ya.

No, tha's wrong: ya can breathe, but you don' wanna. Crap's in the air, feels like. Crap's on the ground, but tha's obvious. Ya just have ta step careful, no big. Step where it's white and not brown, and yer usuall-uh fine. Usually fine. Tryin' to say that right. Pronounce it properly, I guess. Prob'ly sounds better.

Why'm I worried 'bout how I sound? ...okay, don' ask me. I don' know, either.

Anyway, it's not just where yer steppin', it's where he's steppin'. Plus the other one, the other he. And the shes a few pens down
...which seemed potentially to make sense, as Portland is a city with a major elephant care program at its zoo, but looking at that, it seemed too literal, and it was obvious I have no idea how elephant care programs are run. I didn't go farther with it, but I did like how I was making the dialect sound. (No particular reason for the dialect beyond me wanting to write something different.) And how long would it be? I figure that when I write fiction for LJ Idol, I'll try to keep it short, like in Week 2, and that seemed like the start of something long.

Also, I had less time both this week and then this weekend to write, so I wasn't sure if I'd have time to puzzle out and write what felt like a genuine, non-half-assed LJ Idol entry. And any thoughts of non-fiction talk of elephants in the room -- mine? Those of friends or family? -- seemed like something that I couldn't do justice in the time I had. I even worried about possibly sounding judgmental when there are plenty of things I tend not to talk about. So, I held off this week and will see what Week 5 has to offer.

I put a lot of thought into writing, even when not writing. I'll put more thought into writing while, of course, writing, this week.
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