Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

therealljidol Week 5: My Brain Hurts (Afterthought)

So which thought counts as the afterthought?

Thing is, we think a lot. Think this, think that, think another thing, think about something utterly inconsequential, then think about death and then about living and then back to something random, like pogs. Ponder The Meaning Of It All then ponder who you find smokin' hot. Consider how to solve a work conundrum that may save your company millions of dollars and then remember you really need to take a leak.

(Back when it was airing, I wanted a TV listing that blurbed a Babylon 5 episode thusly: "A secret is revealed that could shatter all life in the universe; Londo has a cold.")

So I need to go back further: where did all those thoughts go? Do we need to round 'em up and check on them and re-evaluate them to see which thought was the afterthought? Do we need a Thought Archive? A Thought Backup? Thought Re-Thinking, so we can re-weigh what we thought (or thought we were thinking (or thought we thought we were thinking (or thought we thought we thought we were thinking)))? And, in the process, find out which thoughts need to be kept thought, and which should get stripped/recycled/simply burnt/broken down into their useful components so they can be used again in some other fashion? After, y'know, some thought into how they could be used?

I'm gonna have to put some thought into this...


Too much thought! Besotted with thought! That can mean that the afterthought could be the equivalent of that last wah-fer thin mint that Mr. Creosote ate, sending events horribly in one particular direction. (By the way, that clip? NOT FOR THE EASILY-UNSETTLED-OF-STOMACH. You're warned.) The tipping-point thought. The consequential thought. The thought that broke the camel's brain. Wow. The afterthought can be POWERFUL.

The afterthought can be inconsequential.

The afterthought can be anything.
You'd better think twice. At least once more. -- The Rutles, "Cheese and Onions"

This, amazingly enough, has been an entry for therealljidol. Interestingly, this in an unplanned way seemed to echo my entry on Deconstruction for LJ Idol, from a much different direction.
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