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"This isn't the stupidest thing I've ever done..." a.k.a. the Faces of Meh recap!

I made it. Friday night I did finally feel not-sick enough to make it to Cort and Fatboy's live show, their screening of Black Santa's Revenge, and a bit of the night's Midnight Movie Scrooged. I hated the idea of missing the show, and wanted to be sure I did see it if I could, and I could, and I did. Probably not the best thing I could've done, but I did make sure not to hug anyone in case I really was still sick.

Also there? Two guys from San Francisco. Not meaning they're from San Francisco, meaning THEY DROVE UP FROM SAN FRANCISCO. I stood with them in line, not realizing they were the guys who'd driven up. (Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts had heard earlier and mentioned them on Twitter ("How's this for pressure..."). Later during the live show, Cort and Bobby asked the San Francisco guys to raise their hands. They did. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Cort bellowed.)

Good for Cort and Bobby, the turnout was better than needed. Good for me, it didn't sell out, so showing up at the Bagdad 15 minutes before doors opened instead of a couple of hours before (as I typically do) still worked, and I got in. I entered the theater to the jaunty disturbingness of "16 Military Wives" by the Decemberists blasting on the sound system, and surrounded by a hyped crowd. I skirted to a seat near the front right edge of the theater's orchestra level -- again, not getting too close to people -- and settled in with a slice of pizza and hot chocolate. Later one of the bartenders delivered the clam chowder I'd also ordered.

The show was a show: Cort and Bobby doing their radio show, but for two hours in front of people. (They recorded it, and they'll post in online eventually.) They brought up each of their regular guests up from the audience in the same order they host them during the week, with the late addition of Ryan Fleming of Digital Trends Dot Com, who talks tech news each Wednesday now. Aaron "Geek in the City" Duran talked shop, as he manages the Hollywood branch of Things From Another World; David "Bad Azz Mofo" Walker discussed both his book Why's the Brotha Gotta Die?!? and having a Halloween mask of his own face thanks to a local special effects shop (the manager of the shop made several copies of Walker's head and uses them when local films need to film someone's head getting shot off); Fleming talked about the alleged sabotage campaign against Iran's nuclear weapons program (and took shit from the audience for once saying it "nuke-yul-ur" instead of "nu-clear"); Courtenay Hameister, mastermind of Live Wire Radio, discussed love and sex techniques and got to admit that she helped local rock star Storm Large write her song "Eight Miles Wide," which got approving applause; Byron Beck talked sex and clothes (somehow not bringing up much Portland gossip, which he usually does) in his inimitable way, which you really have to hear to "get" (and keep in mind he gets pretty Not Safe For Work; listen to Thursday's Cort and Fatboy Show for a sample); and Mike "Culture Pulp" Russell, he...

...this deserves his own paragraph: Russell debuted a Not-For-Children's Book. Stating that maybe the way to extend Cort and Fatboy's media hold on Portland was to sell young adult fiction, he then cued up Power Point and presented Cort and Fatboy and the Case of the Buried Unicorns. Want to see for yourself? THERE'S A PDF OF IT. (The color version of the cover is courtesy Adrian Wallace, who made it look like a long-used, distressed book.)

Mike narrated it. "'We are fucked,' said Cort" was the first bit to really go over well.

THAT was the hit of the night, which probably tells you about the crowd that listens to Cort and Fatboy.

David Walker's short exploitation film Black Santa's Revenge followed, as promised, and from there (without Cort and Bobby even getting to pause things to let people know the January Midnight Movie will be 1979's The Muppet Movie) the showing went straight to Scrooged. By then I was fading, and around when the Ghost of Christmas Past drove up in the film, I retreated to the lobby. Hung out for a bit, talking with Cort and some of the guests, as they decompressed from the live show. Turned out it had gone well, so the chances of Cort, Bobby and the gang doing it again have increased (yes!), so that's something good. Then I called for a cab and braved the cold, windy night.
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