Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sooj, Glorious Sooj

First, some Out-Of-Context Theater from last night:
Me: The red is NOT his nose!
copperwise: Oh, you’re evil.

No context for you. That’s why it’s Out-Of-Context Theater!

Last night my fellow fans of s00j reached the house of coffeeinhell and Patrick to hear her in the intimate setting of a living room. Sooj was often silly in the show, singing songs she’d learned about monkey attacks and imaginary crocodiles, and as usual she got to be funny between songs, but then she could also get us emotional. Seriously, this woman is a talent. She’s showing that talent this weekend at FaerieWorlds, in the woods west of Eugene (anywhere near where the Oregon Country Fair happens each June? Can anyone answer that?). She’s including her new talent of walking on stilts.

Ahhh, it was a satisfying time, and I really wanted that after yesterday’s work shift. The workday hadn’t been as satisfying as it could have been, and when tanuki_green picked me up to go to Sooj’s show, I told him “I’ve felt ‘off’ today. So time to get back ‘on’!” Hanging out with the Portland smartasses I’ve met via LJ really helped that. So did the Dr. Pepper and potato bites Tanuki bought me at Arby’s on our way to the concert. I got to meet Eric D. Snider, a good local writer and film critic who’s friends with Dawn, and “Inky,” Sooj’s friend and partner-in-crime. Here’s a photo of the both of ‘em. Sooj is on the right, “Inky” on the right. As all of the attendees are Princess Bride fans, we were amused when Sooj called “Inky” her “brute squad.” “The 5-foot-2 brute squad!” she replied.

After the show, I finally presented to Sooj and her boyfriend ’K the prints and photo CD of the pictures I took of her coffeeinhell house concert way back in February. I gave them verbal permission to use them as they see fit (I hope some go up on-line). In a couple of days they will also get prints and a CD of the pics from last night.

Oh, and last night, for the second time in my life, someone suggested I adopt the nickname “Sparky.” I have no idea why this has been suggested even once, let alone twice.
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