Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And after not-enough sleep...

…I woke up right before 6 this morning and got the computer up and running, to monitor what shadesong and slipjig (and one other LJ’er who I’m watching while pondering whether I can afford to donate to that person’s cause) put on their journals. I’ve been a commenting fool today. Let’s see: actually I’m not sure how many comments I’ve posted on these journals, but I’ve gotten 18 Blogathon-specific replies, and not every comment of mine gets a response, so…two dozen? More than that? Very likely. Comments get more important as it gets late (all the ‘thonners I’m reading are on the East Coast, where it’s now almost midnight), so I’ve gotten some decaf tea in me to give a boost and keep talking to ‘em into the later hours.

I did get out today, though, too. I drove to Freddy’s at about 1 o’clock to drop off my photos of s00j’s show, then I went to the Future Dreams comic shop on East Burnside. The store is having a moving sale – it apparently got kicked out of its current building very suddenly, but the owners have found another shop a couple of blocks farther west – and I got various books and comics, as well as a Buddy Christ bobblehead. Six or seven fewer things for the owners to move to the new place! I bought groceries after that, then hightailed it home to get back on-line, where I’ve been ever since. With dinner as well. Food: very important. Me likes the food. (It was pork and a salad, in case you need details.)
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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