Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

On to what's next.

That LJ Idol writing contest I've been contesting in, contestingly? Small change: I'm no longer officially in it. My entry had the fewest votes of the entries in my "tribe" this week.

It happens. It's already happened six times before happening to me; at least I made it to Week 7.

Though, to quote Spock, "There are always possibilities..." The creator of therealljidol, a guy with the LJ handle clauderainsrm, strongly suggests that people who've been voted out keep writing entries based on the LJ Idol topics, because A) it's still good writing exercise and B) there's a chance -- a chance -- that people formerly eliminated may, may, have a chance to be un-eliminated. Details to come. (I first wrote "deets," but that's just too affected for me!)

In the meantime in-between time, I'll write. And read. And think about the final episode of Sports Night with the dialogue "I don't even know what Quo vadamos means." "It means 'Where are we going?'" Which was, if you remember the show, very significant.
Tags: lj idol

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