Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Whinge of Work (formerly Friends-Locked)

This stays here.

Right now, I'm not working. Unless something changes, I will not need to be in the office until Monday, January 10th, as on Tuesday my boss asked me to take time off. This means that unless I'm called in next week to help for whatever reason, I will have worked less than 16 hours in two weeks. I worked only part-time in the two-week period before that, again due to not having as much to do in the office due to my boss being gone; in that last pay period, I worked just under 50 hours out of a possible 80.

I did not plan to work this little. This means it's been harder to budget my money, because lately I haven't been guaranteed anything approaching full time. This has been building for a while: I've worked only one full 80-hour period in months. Usually it's closer to 60-65 hours. I've maybe only worked this little when I was on a genuine vacation -- of which I've had only one since I started at Hoffman just over a year ago -- or when I've been sick. No; even when I've been sick I haven't worked less than 16 hours out of a possible 80. As much as I came to hate the dog show company job during the 25 weeks I was there last year, its hours were far more reliable; in fact, even earning my lowest hourly wage in a decade at that job, I managed to accumulate money, though a lot of that was because I stripped down my extra expenses to almost nothing. (The library and my boxes of previously-unread books helped keep me entertained in 2009, I'm telling you.) That's been harder this year.

It's also been harder to budget time. I'm on a de facto vacation, but I had no way to plan for it. It was a decision by my boss that I'd have trouble challenging. And I'm feeling poor and worried about how I pay for my usual stuff, let alone using the time to do something special.

I have ways of dealing with this. Doesn't stop me from feeling cranky and unappreciated. I'm figuring out what to do to improve the work situation (no I'm not going to tell you yet), and what to do with my time off AND what to do once I'm working again. There are options.

But yeah, at the moment I'm feeling needy, and worried about money. I know, join the club I have.

Updates as things get worth updating.
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