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They battle but they never die...

...well, no, actually sometimes they die, but that's not the quote, and I'm a stickler for this stuff. But! As I will go to a Saturday blood drive where donors will cast their vote for either Klingons or Stormtroopers, joined the battle must be, and the battle cry to let Stovokor know that its greatest warriors are on its way (so be ready) will sound. So!

Poll #1662513 Stormtroopers Vs. Klingons

Who do you support?


Explain your reasoning!

I already know how I will vote, but if you could, if you were among the blasters and bat'lehs and white helmets and craggy foreheads, what would your choice be? And show your work (more detail in comments if you're so inclined). Remember that the drive will have both stormtroopers and Klingons.

Tags: blood, star trek, star wars

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