Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Party in the Mouth! The Big-Ass Sandwiches 1-Year Anniversary Party

It was a party for food! And I was invited! The Big-Ass Sandwiches 1-Year Anniversary Party was at the Ash Street Saloon, mere feet from the site where Lisa and Brian Wood run Big-Ass Sandwiches, back on the night of Saturday, Dec. 18th. When not hypnotized by their debuting the uncensored version of their TV ad at that show, I took photos. I told Lisa and Brian I'd get the photos to them, and not only have I, I now show some of them to you!

Brian Wood

The Ass-handlers! Lisa and Brian Wood

Page 1 of the two-page gallery (25 pics total) is here. I may post them all under a cut later.

Cheers, Lisa and Brian!
Tags: portland
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