Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

With a quickness, my past week or so

Quick notes about my time sans home computer:
  • Was on an impromptu sort-of-vacation when my computer went sneakers-up last Monday morning. Made it a good day to get it to the repair shop, but arrrgh I had time to write and couldn't, not online.

  • Thank you, library computers and cafe computers, for keeping me semi-sort of in contact. Now I need to save for a laptop so I can take advantage of all that wifi.

  • Short work week last week, with Thursday and Friday work I did. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

  • Friday began with vomiting. Thank everything the day got better from there! (Mild food poisoning, was my best guess. Recovered fairly easily.)

  • Had a blast Friday night at The Muppet Movie. Found out I once (years ago) kind of freaked out Mike Russell. Good thing I then showed that I'm not disturbing. It was a good night of visiting and meeting people.

  • And after the screening, happily got fed via Big-Ass Sandwiches, which Ryan and Stacey Pollard (a couple I met through Twitter and the Midnight Movies) drove me to. I had their special, the beef-and-Guinness stew. You read that right. (And as I told bonnie_rocks, no, it wasn't topped with fries.)

  • Retail therapy during a difficult (not for personal reasons) Saturday. Went to Border's and used the rest of the gift card money from my brother's family. Bought Dreadnought by cmpriest (whom I've met) and Star Trek Corps of Engineers: What's Past, with contributions by my friends terri_osborne and kradical. I like that much of my book diet can come from people I know or am acquainted with.

  • Must have been tired after that Saturday. I woke up early-ish on Sunday, decided to try to go back to sleep which I rarely manage to do, got back into bed a little after 7:00 a.m., and revived after 11. (The a.m. 11, people, not the p.m. 11. But that would've been KIND OF IMPRESSIVE.)
  • I glimpsed enough LJ to know some of y'all's goings-on, but you wanna make sure I see something? Say hi! And link!

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