Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Still here for my fellow Ducks

So close. So close in a way we Oregon Ducks fans wouldn't really have pictured even a few years ago. Heck, even half a year ago.

You young men still made a hell of a run, and you have your 12-0 regular season to remember, and you have that relieving tie score to make it so, so close, like in Joey Harrington's "Captain Comeback" days. 19-19, which made me wonder if the game was connected somehow to The Beam.

This has been a fun football season to watch. Okay, now, men, take it easy; you've earned it. And imagine what you can manage when you get back on the field. (Heck, what the rest of Pacific Northwest football can manage. Keep getting better. Yes, even you, Boise State, so that someday the BCS will have to acknowledge you properly.)
Tags: sport!

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