Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The earworm's alive!

A song I last heard in the mid-1990s popped up in my head today.

The magic of YouTube brought it actually to my ears, not to the memory-sounds that my mind makes that can seem like hearing something. And it sounded much as I remembered. I hadn't mangled the song (too badly) in my memory-based attempts to replay it.

Somehow appropriately, the song is the Saints song "The Music Goes Round My Head," from the soundtrack to the movie, um, er, Young Einstein:

Hush. It actually has a really good soundtrack. I owned it on CD for a few years. How deadly the film itself looked in clips made me wary of seeing it, and then the film's flop status kept me further away from it -- I know, I'm judging something I haven't seen, this is a bad habit -- to the point that I got embarrassed about owning the CD. And sacrificed it to a dumpster at the Oakton, VA apartment complex where my parents were living between selling their Northern Virginia house and moving back to Oregon. That was in 1994. It was one of my rare moments of me letting myself break something.

The music, however, didn't leave my head. Today, 16+ years and a lot of life later, is proof of that.

Earworms can be persistent buggers. They can wait. Just add water something, anything to spark a synapse, and you remember something for some reason, and -- voila! -- the earworm's back. And here, I don't mind.
Tags: music

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