Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This is me.

And this may be the bare minimum of blogging.

This has been a busy week, and the work part of it will go longer than usual. Saturday work, which my bosses try not to have happen, but it's needed this time. Lot of darting and jumping required lately to get work done. It's not boring, I'll say that...

And, neatly, tonight I got to see the view from the 27th floor of the building where I work. A bank opened an office on the floor, the highest spot in the building where the public can go. You can only go higher if you a) know or b) are the building's owner.

Mainly I want to check in. Future Me will like knowing what I was thinking at this point. This is on my mind more than usual because I spent several days recently skimming my entire blog. 5,000+ entries since September 2004. Lot of living's happened in that span.

I hope you're well, as well. And if you're tired, like me, that you'll get rest (like I'll get) and be more ready for tomorrow (like me, I hope).
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