Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Damn right it's the right night for comfort food.

For days I've had the makings of a BLT in my fridge.

I now have a BLT in my stomach.

I could've had a BLAT: Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato, but I didn't feel like opening the avocado (which, come to think of it, sounds like code for something). The avocado will get used elsewhere and elsewhen. The more unusual thing is the tomatoes. I rarely think to buy tomatoes. I fell out of the habit of using them, so the poor things would wither and become, of course, less appetizing. Vicious cycle.

BLTs entered my diet in summer 1992. I'd never had one until I was volunteering at the National Air and Space Museum's "Star Trek: The Exhibition," and I'd eat in what used to be the public cafeteria on the building's third floor but which had been replaced by a large, pavilion'ed dual cafeteria on the building's east end (just past its Lunar Lander) so the third-floor eatery was solely for employees. And volunteers. And I saw a BLT on the menu, thought Why not?, and finally started having bacon in another good way.

(I'll now pretend "Got To Get You Into My Life" is about BLTs, not pot.)

For a host of reasons, this week has been long and draining. The work part of the week's not done yet: special project at the office tomorrow. There WILL be a birthday party a friend's invited me to that night, though, so my shorter weekend will get a happy start. But for now: comfort. Which included not only comfort food, but lying down (as I did for a bit last hour) and preparing for an early night.

At this rate, I'll probably dream of bacon.
Tags: star trek

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