Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Time to get my brain back

Yes, happily, Emma's party was fun. Yes, I made it home. And yes, I was freaking exhausted after how long and draining this week has been -- adding to that, the bus I'd hoped would get me all the way from the party could only get me downtown where'd the next buses to my neighborhood wouldn't arrive for half an hour, leading me to take a different bus to a point in SE where I could reasonably walk home -- so after farting around on the Net for not too long last night, I got to bed, slept, and started recuperating.

And hey, mind, if your dreams are going to be disturbing, it's still kind of amusing to have them also be melodic. *grins* An attractive woman in my dream was asking me to do something I wouldn't do. She was asking me in song. Full-on orchestral sound behind her, too, and James Bond-theme-song-level vocal power to her voice. I like my dreams. Their production value is fantastic.

I'm letting today be mostly a day for recuperating still further. If I want to nap, I'll nap. If I find I don't even have the attention span for football, I won't watch, but I should be able to.

Take it easy. Truly and literally. It's been a hard stretch of days for a lot of people.
Tags: dreams, peregrinations

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