Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Walk Goes Ever On (Tuesday night to Geek Trivia)

*looks back to Tuesday*

HOW much did I walk that day? A lot. 60-plus blocks at least. Portland's a place where that's doable.

As often works, buses and my feet were -- useful. (That dash was for a dramatic pause. This is for the actors reading my blog.) I had the afternoon to get from home to Geek Trivia, and after getting a haircut on Hawthorne and briefly getting online at the Belmont library -- and getting a message that was a relief, that I hope continues to be relieving (I don't need or want to tell you more) -- I had a Why not? moment. And the northbound #75 bus cooperated with my plan by showing up a few minutes after I'd decided to do what I did, which was weave through NE and N Portland to get to Vendetta, the every-other-week home of Geek Trivia.

The route was 39th/Cesar Chavez Blvd. to Killingsworth, with a detour to NE 28th a couple of blocks north of Killingsworth. I walked the block that both sets of my grandparents lived on for decades. I walked that block a lot as a kid. It figures a lot in my dreams. I'll show it to you sometime, in pictures as well as words, but I like it: the trees, the homeyness of the houses, and the memories, mine and others' (like Dad being out in that street during the 1962 Columbus Day storm). Then it was back to Killingsworth, on my mistaken belief that a bus line ran along it. (Only part of it. The #72 runs west to NE 30th, then jaunts south to NE Alberta, which I didn't learn until later, but hey, again, I was in the mood to walk...)

The view also included an alley that isn't an alley. Want to see an alley gone wrong? Here:

That choked passage struck me enough that I got that picture today, out of curiosity.

The walking got me to N Williams, and then to Williams and Skidmore, where I was early for Geek Trivia. Enough time to relax, and visit with friends, and prepare for the game.

For the first time since I won the trip to San Diego Comic Con, I played as my own team. Did respectfully, too: 16 points in Round 1 and 20 points in Round 2. And I was still around My Crowd, getting handshakes and hugs, and after the difficulties I've been witness to the past almost-two-weeks, that was needed and recharging.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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