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For all your Baby-putting purposes!

Do you know that this Friday's Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie's going to be Dirty Dancing?

Now you do! Poster by Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts, who described the film on the Facebook invite:
It's a classic. A camp classic. But it is also very, VERY educational. There are some very valuable life lessons in the film:

1) Never show up to an important occasion with nothing but a watermelon
2) Disappoint Jerry Orbach at your own peril
3) Always wear a condom
4) Sometimes, nose jobs are NOT the answer, and most importantly..
5) Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

So on Friday, February 4th, The Midnight Movie will be a celebration of Swayze, and Grey, and a vision of the 50s that could only exist in the 80s, in all its sweaty, corny, sexy glory. For those who love it unironically, for those who laugh at it while they cherish it, and especially for those who only grew up on it on VHS, or via endless reruns on syndicated Saturday afternoon television, a 35mm print has been secured so that every last pelvic thrust and plie will be seen the way it was meant to be seen.

Doors will open at 10pm, the film will start at 11. As always, obnoxious wanna-be MST3K-ers will be politely asked to keep their one-liners to themselves, but if you feel like breaking into song, by all means, feel free.
$3 and being 21 or older will get you in.

Oh, and on Thursday, the commentary Cort, Bobby, David Walker, Mike Russell and the Portland Mercury's Erik Henriksen recorded will be online for download, and from what I've heard, you will want to hear it. 'twill be linked once it's available.
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