Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Round, round, got around, I got around

"Cruisin' and playin' my radio... With no particular place to go..."

I wanted to see different scenery. I did so.

This afternoon I first looped around a notable chunk of the Columbia River, from Portland north on Hwy. 30 to the bridge at Longview, Washington and back via I-5 to Portland. And, just because I could and I felt like it, I then detoured to Hillsboro to eat a late lunch/ early dinner at Sonic. If you're going to eat junk food, why not make it a treat and an occasion? I'd last been there a year ago.


NW Yeon at Saint Helens Road, on a drive 2/5/2011
NW Yeon at Saint Helens Road, on a drive 2/5/2011
In Hillsboro, 2/5/2011
In Hillsboro, 2/5/2011
Me at Sonic in Hillsboro, 2/5/2011
Me at Sonic in Hillsboro, 2/5/2011
You can pretend I didn't actually eat. (I was waiting for my food.)

On my trip, I passed but didn't take pictures of: the boarded-up building that inspired the Fight Club house; the new Sauvie Island Bridge; and the former site of the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (in fact I completely missed that turn-off; I wonder what the site looks like five years after the cooling tower was imploded).
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