Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Be gentle with me here.

I've made the mistake of not making mistakes.

I've made the mistake of not trying.

In work, in relationships, I keep not putting myself out there. Trying to improve my work situation, trying to be receptive to possible partners: I've kept not doing that, out of worries that I'd screw up.

Which means, for instance, I have not enough experience being in relationships. All you who lived through relationship mistakes in your teens and 20s? I've barely had that experience. And now I wonder how many mistakes I'll make in my attempts to be part of a relationship. WHICH HAPPEN, CHRIS, AND WHEN THEY DO YOU DEAL WITH THEM, CHRIS.

My fear of worst-case scenarios could lead to me thinking that only the worst-case scenarios are possible. It's a trap. I'm trying to climb out of it.

Because good is possible.

My being there for a Ms. Whomever as a partner is possible. I've done it. And that's what's worth the mistakes, which everyone makes. Because it's also a mistake not to try.

I forgot that. It's time to remember that.

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