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I won't choose you: Trust and ads

There's this local auto body shop chain called Leif's. The owner, whose first name is Leif as I'm sure you're not surprised, does its commercials. Over the years, the tone of those ads has grown more, I'd say, belligerant. Turned me off from wanting to be a customer, even, because as the owner talks about how wonderful his company's service is, he accuses every other auto body shop in Portland of being run by crooks.

You think I exaggerate. I exaggerate only slightly. The thesis of his ads: other body shops cut deals with auto insurers so they'll get referrals, and they cut corners. You get your car fixed anywhere other than one of my shops, you're endangered. You risk your car -- okay, now I exaggerate -- exploding in a death blossom of fine Corinthian shrapnel, stabbing you and marinating your insides with motor oil and flames.+ Choose Leif's. L-E-I-F-S-dot-com.

He wants potential customers to think his message is "You can trust me." The message I get from them is "You can't trust anyone but me!" Crucial difference. But also terribly convenient, advertising with a message that, even were it somehow true, can never be proven.

He advertises heavily on KINK.FM 101.9. I got into the habit of turning off the radio for the length of his ads. Now he's been doing ads -- at least shorter ads -- on 94.7 Alternative Portland, another of the terrestrial radio stations I listen to. I turn those off, too. A few nights ago I complained on Twitter:
Me: Noooooo: an advertiser I avoid on 1 of my stations is showing up on another 1 of my stations...

irkdesu: Is he talking about the superior quality of the diamonds from Shane Company?

Me: It's a body shop guy I don't trust saying "You can't trust anyone other than me!"

irkdesu: That's paranoia in the making, man.


(I added "I actually don't mind Tom Shane. Not that I'm gonna buy diamonds, either...")
I wonder how his business is going, because the extra stuff he's been boasting about in his ads are getting, I think, to the How can he afford to do that? stage. Like he's trying harder than he wants to. Still not going to get my business.

I debated writing this, yes really I did, because he's been known to get on the case, publicly, of anyone who doesn't think he's the messiah of car shops. But the hell with it. I'd be slightly amused if I somehow showed up on his radar enough for him to get annoyed at me.

+ I've been listening to Patton Oswalt lately, is why I'm writing like this.
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