Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

That said, today also warrants one more hot shower. Ahhhh, shower.

Now. Something more straightforward about my day than what just came out of me about the moon.

These past few days, I've worked through soreness. I've also worked through frustrating situations, some job-related, some more personal, and as I'm one to internalize stress I need to counteract that, and move this body despite its soreness -- not as huge or enveloping as the soreness and pain many of you face, this is true, but I know my body best; I'd better pay attention to it. Not getting another, after all.

Thank many good things, today the weather cooperated. Bright sun, clear skies in Portland, some drying-out from the rain and damp and intermittent flakes of snow that we've had -- again, true, not to the extent many other places have. (As I said to the near-glacier-embedded Providence, RI resident greygirlbeast -- after she'd said "Die, snow. Die" -- "Imagine the snow screaming as it melts. Satisfying, isn't it?") But a needed break for many of us, me included.

I got out in it. First on a quick morning walk (in my sweats, bed t-shirt and a sleeveless sweatshirt) to the park a block up from my place, realizing it was deceptively bright, the kind of bright that one almost wants to interpret as warm brightness. Nope, it was still cold. I went out into this again later, and better prepared: showered, dried, and dressed in pants, shirt and my yellow jacket.

Walking, busing, and reading happened then, as they often do with me. (I've felt like too slow a reader these past few months. I'm working on speeding up.) The library gave me a place to do some more internet stuff, plus make copies of 1990s articles that Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts, who I'll see Tuesday at Geek Trivia, should appreciate; the Hollywood Things From Another World gave me a chance to get some comics (huzzah! Peter David's Fallen Angel is still getting published!); and the sun gave me chances to soak up a little more, in always-helping-at-least-a-little amounts, Vitamin D. Thank you for the replenishment, Sun.

I'll treat today like a preview of spring. Spring is in rehearsal. I want it to be a good spring. I'll deal with the snow forecast for later next week, because at least that won't last forever. Unless something really major happens, and if that does, whatever it is, you'll know it. *smiles*
Tags: books, peregrinations, portland

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