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Special trips

Two Tuesdays ago, as I try to do every two weeks, I went to Geek Trivia. One of my teammates was kind enough to buy our drinks, but I told myself to make sure to tip. I didn't, even though I had the money.

The next day, after work I didn't go home first, but instead bussed up to Vendetta in close-in North Portland (as opposed to the parts of North Portland, like St. Johns, that almost seem to be out of Portland, so it's not that far) and dropped in to the bar. "Should have done this last night," I told a bartender behind the bar, and passed her the $5 I'd meant to leave before.

"That for last night? OK, I'll tell them," she said.

Sounds like that money was on its way to the crew handling food and drinks for many, many geeks getting yell-y about in which order James Cameron-written films were released and questions like that. The thing way, the crew had earned its tips -- I'd heard that the bar was short-staffed that night -- and I corrected my lack of tipping. Yes, I was even willing to make a special trip to do so. Reinforces the action.

I did a similar trip this afternoon. Over the past several weeks, I'd wound up with compostable drink containers. I want to compost, but I'm dubious about my apartment building's composter. But the stuff being compostable made me want to be sure to compost it, get into that habit+; so what was the best way?

Well, good local fast food chain Burgerville composts. Composts pretty aggressively. So today after running out on the bus to Trader Joe's and back home to get and deliver groceries, I then headed north, book (Little Dorritt by Dickens) in hand, and reached the Burgerville at SE 12th and Hawthorne. Those drink containers were in my coat pockets. Once I got there, those drink containers went into the proper receptacle. Later, so did the containers for a fish sandwich, seasonal bread-battered mushroom slices, and a cherry-chocolate smoothie.

It's good to try. It helps when doing so results in something tasty.

To brag on myself, I like to stay willing to do special trips like these.

+ I was in the habit for a while, last year. But other residents who'd learned how to use it properly, and were actually using the resultant compost to make a little garden, left, and most of us who were left either didn't use it or kept using it wrong, and it got infested. Since then I'm not sure it's worth using our composter.
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