Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"A sack of taquitos?!"

This actually counts as an indulgence: taquitos. I must indulge simply.

Today taquitos went first into my shopping basket and then (after proper cooking) into my belly. Usually this wouldn't even make Twitter, let alone LJ, but Twitter's apparently not working and I'm itching to say something. The above? That's something.

The following is comprised of other somethings:
  • I've had Patton Oswalt's routine about his overeager TiVo stuck in my head.

  • A couple of gift-full packages are now in the mail. My family in Chantilly, they can still be Christmas presents in late February, right?

  • I next have an get into the mail. The guy at the post office was kind enough to get me advice and one big piece of material that should help. I'll tell you about this once I've done this.

  • Until today, I had never heard a supermarket PA play The Ramones's "I Wanna Be Sedated."
  • Do what you can to treat yourselves well. 'Cause you can't count on the world being nice to you.

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