Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Disney memories, mine and others'

It's been too long since I've been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

The first times were when I lived as a single-digit-age kid in Southern California, where it's reasonably easy to get to Disneyland, which I did more than once. Last time was spring 1984. I went to Florida for the first and so far only time. Stayed in what was probably a cheap hotel well away from the Magic Kingdom, not that my 10-year-old self would've noticed it was cheap: Hey! New place to run around in! There was much Running Around, either metaphorically or literally on that trip: the car over, the near-military coordination of where people would park, the monorail with its operators in uniforms that were a nearly-indescribable Almost-Green -- Disney Imagineers would try to invent new colors, don't you think? Maybe that was a try -- and then the walking, walking, walking while gawking, gawking, gawking. Along with some of my earliest picture taking, because sometimes in EPCOT Center the family members let me hold and use the camera. (I don't remember taking pictures in Walt Disney World.)

I can no longer tell you how long that 1984 trip was. One day? Two? Three? We got to WDW and EPCOT, sometimes under blue skies and sometimes under consistent but not-too-thick cloud cover, and with the Florida version of the East Coast humidity that I was still only slowly adapting to. (I'd lived in Virginia since 1982. My first few weeks there in 1982, the air would make me ill. I really didn't handle it my best until the mid-80s once we settled in Northern Virginia. Now I feel lucky I wasn't sick for all my time living over there.) Thank goodness, it was overwhelming in a good, fun way.

This was, of course, back when Disney in Orlando was two things, Walt Disney World and EPCOT Center. With the benefits of success and 27 years of expansion it's become something that, were I to visit again, I think I'd want to spend maybe one or two weeks exploring...while perhaps getting hung up on what came and went at the parks in that intervening 27 years, the potential Disney experiences that I didn't have and now won't.

Or would I get bored, being there that long? Or would I get addled? I honestly don't know how I would react to Walt Disney World as an adult. Heck, would I want to start working there? Come to think of it, I've worked with at least one person who has worked at the parks; I should've asked them, when I was still working with them. That's a unique way to have a more immersive Disney experience.

Among others I'm acquainted with who have had the more complete and continuing Disney experience, by virtue of having had the chance to go the parks a lot, are Kathleen David, a.k.a. puppetmaker40, and her husband Peter David, a.k.a. Peter David, Writer Of Stuff. This entry was prompted by their family trip recently to Orlando, because I wanted to share what Kathleen David wrote about it (and what she'd written about it earlier). The Davids have history with the park, a lot of good memories, and they're adding to those. Heck, they've even worked for Disney, so they're there as employees, though of the corporation and not specifically of the parks. Ah, a happy byproduct of success: getting to enjoy Disney World. And both Kathleen and Peter write well about that.

Now I'm missing the parks. Get back to them one of these days, Chris...

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