Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And I waaaaaalked, I walked so far away...

More known! Portland International Airport, a.k.a. PDX, passes the test of "a place that someone could walk to and from."

See, to see different scenery, much like last Saturday, I got a TriMet upgrade so I could travel through all three zones, not just the central two I usually travel in, and Maxed out to the airport. I read, surveyed the mass of humanity moving through the main terminal, and noticed some of the bits the company I work for has built at the airport. (That includes the parking garage/office building next to the control tower, the canopy over Arrivals/Departures, and the hallway connecting the north and south concourses on the gate side of security.)

Then, having more time than money -- after using a little bit of gift money to treat myself to pizza and a Coffee People Mexican Hot Chocolate -- and wanting to know the lay of the land, I looked for a walking path to leave the terminal. Guessed that there wouldn't be one on the south side of the terminal, because the Max station's there, and there wasn't, from either the departures deck or the arrivals level. Nothing obvious along the parking garages, either. Then I reached the north end of the arrivals level, and saw a marked path and a sign indicating it was a bike path. There. That would work.

(I get like this about sidewalks. When I was a week or two away from flying to San Diego for Comic Con, I checked Google Maps Street View to make sure you could walk out of Lindbergh Field down there, and you can. I seriously considered just hoofing it from the airport to the con hotel, because it's not THAT far and I imagined feeling industrious, but by the time I'd flown down there I'd come to my senses and got a cab. Still, I like knowing I have the option.)

That did work. Bike path became sidewalk became a crosswalk (at NE 82nd and Airport Way) became more sidewalk...which then went away because of construction, it really just curved into a chain link fence with torn-up everything beyond, so I had to back up and swing around a hotel to a road parallel to Airport Way so I could reach my goal, which was another Max station, but I also remembered that the Portland IKEA was down there, too, and I thought Why not? I can walk more and I walked to IKEA. Then I used a little more of the gift money to buy a three-zone TriMet ticket, to keep legal on the Max as I'd blown past the 2:00 limit on my earlier TriMet 3-zone upgrade. Good thing I still had some money as well as time.

I like knowing that, if an electromagnetic pulse hits my town or we're overrun by zombies, I'd be able to get places on foot. I could, if absolutely needed, even walk from home to my parents' place 30 miles away; one can walk 30 miles in a day, right? And here's another place I can reach by walking.

Again, thank you for letting me walk that far, My Legs. You're good legs. (The people who saw me wear a UtiliKilt that one time agree with that.)
Tags: peregrinations, portland
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