Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

My exciting college freshman year

Scene: Henderson Hall, Bean Complex, University of Oregon, 1992-93 school year. I and fellow frosh Mike (not his real name, but I'm too lazy right now to try and dredge up what it is) hang out in the quiet halls.

Mike: Man, Saturday night...

Me: ...and you're still hanging around.

Mike: [looks at me] Tired of living in your one-horse town.

Me: Like to find a little hole in the ground.

Mike: For a while.

Me: Mm-mm-hm.

(I maaaaaaaaaay have posted this before (4/14 edit: I had!), but no biggie if so, here it is again. I hope it makes docbrite smile. Here's the Wikipedia entry on the song; here's a video of Billy Joel performing it.)
Tags: music

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