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Quick bits from Geeklesque last night

The Geeklesque geek-burlesque event happened! I was there! I had seats, thanks to winning my passes to it at Geek Trivia last week! *stops using exclamation points* *for now* OK, normal voice. But yeah, Geeklesque, put on Saturday night at Guardian Games by Critical Hit Burlesque, was a blast. I gave my second pass to my friend Andrew Hill (who runs Caveman Medicine, an acupuncture and certified massage therapy clinic), we got drinks, we appreciated the well-behaved and geek-heavy 150-plus person crowd (about 150 other people were turned away), and then we grinned, hooted, and clapped. A lot. So did everybody else.

Almost-random details, as I don't want to do a too-detailed recap:
  • The event had pirates. Pirates from the performance troop PDX Yar. Reminded me that I couldn't be a pirate. The closest I'll come is reading novels about stealing. (like my current reading: The Rare Coin Score by Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark.) Added to the geekness, they did.

  • Quite a lot of the music, both during dances and during lead-up and breaks, was Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts's Geek: Remixed work. Huzzah! This is such a right soundtrack for Portland geekery, and geekery elsewhere. (Hint, hint.)

  • The performance I first really got into was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel mashup dance, and not only the Buffy and Angel themes, but also the songs "Walk Through the Fire" and "What You Feel" from the Buffy episode "Once More With Feeling," and "Chick Habit" by April March. (Thanks, rafaela, for introducing me to that song.) It's also where the humor of burlesque became more obvious to me; it helped that I got a lot of the Buffy/Angel in-jokes in the dance.

  • "If she has 6 breasts, the crowd's gonna explode." - Andrew in response to a Twi'lek dancer.

  • "Yeah, the Slave-Leia thing is played out." - me about the same dancer.

  • What DID make the audience explode? A Mario/Luigi/Princess Pea dance. EPIC AND HILARIOUS. They even, like in Super Mario Bros., had mushrooms. And coins. "So THAT'S what she was wearing underneath," I said about the Princess...

  • Belly-dancing Harley Quinn. I may be in love. (She danced to both a remix of some of the Dark Knight score and the Dresden Dolls song "Missed Me.")

  • "I like me some tail." - me in response to a green-painted woman dancing as Godzilla (and who knocked over flat cut-outs of skyscrapers). And who had a tail. Which she took off, too.

  • Event co-creator Sophie Maltease (real-life name, um, I'm blanking; something not related to Maltese, let alone Maltease") closed with a dance which required set-up: her reacting to dialogue from an episode of the web series The Guild -- she mimed well there -- THEN really throwing down, dance-wise, to the ridiculously propulsive Muse song "Knights of Cydonia."

  • There will be photos online. I'll let you know when they are. (Wait until you see one of the props: the largest 20-sided dice EVER. "We call it George," said co-creator and host Mad Marquis De Maltease.)
  • And...this will happen again. Critical Hit said so on its Facebook page.

    How long has it been since I mentioned I love Portland?
    Tags: firefly/whedon, portland

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