Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Nothing comes to mind


Journal entries are percolating and I'll get them through my fingers from my mind to my blog eventually, Not really feeling the blogging at the moment.

Still, I'm alive and awake, even if my blogging-brain isn't.

Can I force out an entry? Sure. Words can happen. Work was a regular Monday, which tend to be busy in at least the morning. The rest of the day was reasonably busy and productive, too, but in ways that I can't really blog about in any detail, so you get just the "I worked, and it was OK" level of detail. (Really, this is a pretty interesting job, but we treat a fair amount of it as confidential. You know, often when my brother does classified government work at his defense contractor job, he can tell us what he does -- but not why. I can't even do that.)

Rain keeps happening. Portland in March had 29 days of rain. That's a lot even by our standards. Tired of it? Yep, I am, as is almost everyone I know.

I have a book. A book by a friend. This deserves its own entry, which will happen -- sometime this week. I'm increasingly closer to being able to get all of my entertainment from people I actually know. I know talented people.

Meanwhile, I've also started reading Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett. I do not know Terry Pratchett, but wouldn't it be cool if I did?

Continuing my exposure to Doctor Who. I've reached the World War II two-parter that introduces Capt. Jack Harkness, time traveler with issues. I used to say "Mommy" the way the kids in that two-parter do -- "MAHHHH-meeee..." -- except without the British accent. (Though at times in my life, I've spoken with a fake British accent. I just didn't keep it.)

Well...this seems to have turned into an entry. Guess this writing thing works.

Peace, y'all.
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