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More dreams

I actually usually have vivid dreams. But a few on my friends' list have been dreaming more vividly than (what they feel is) usual, so I'm thinking about them more, so I'm writing about them:

Most of what I can (now vaguely) recall from last night were fairly typical recurring-dream images for myself, and even if I could remember enough to write about them, they'd be more interesting to me than to you. The big unusual part of my dream was a World War II dream: I was among Allied troops who had reached a deserted Pacific island, confirming the downing of what looked like an entire squadron of Japanese fighters crashed in a huge lagoon. I had seen a piece of Band of Brothers while channel-surfing last night, so maybe that was why World War II was on my brain -- in fact, I could hear music in the dream, as if I were watching a film, and it seemed like new music from Band of Brothers composer Michael Kamen, which'd be a hell of a feat, as he's dead -- but what struck me was the peacefulness of the scene, of the moment. Never mind that there had been the violence there of the plane crashes, or that the troops would likely find violence elsewhere; at that time, the men and myself were in a beautiful place in the South Pacific, with a kind of beauty even to the wrecked planes.
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