Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Land of the Living

Enough energy to work for three hours. Barely. But yes, I got out and up the hill to work, so that’s checked off the Getting Well checklist. Medicine, cough drops, chewable fruit-flavored Vitamin C tablets, water, fruit juice, and snacks were my tools today. So was my stylin’ face mask, in all its I’m-afraid-of-SARS glory, worn on the bus home just in case I started feeling sneezy. I don’t want to make others feel sneezy.

I could run down my mental and physical states I experienced today, but that likely will be boring and not-funny, so I won’t. Now I’ll listen to Metallica S&M (Michael Kamen conducting the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra) and eat and relax.
Tags: work

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