Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Wrong Light

The light outside seems to be coming from the wrong direction.

When I got out of bed and looked out my window, the light outside looked like late-afternoon light -- as in, coming from the west. Made me go straight to a clock, then to another one, to ensure that I hadn't slept through to, say, 5:37 p.m. I then went to my building's front entrance, with a wider view in other directions, to the north and northwest most widely.

To the west was a wall of clouds. High and white, maybe higher than I'm used to, and reflecting a lot of sun. A lot. And with the lower and darker, seemingly more water-laden clouds to the east blocking my most direct view of the actual sun giving us that actual light, that caused the illusion.

Still, whoa.

7:52 Edit: Those clouds to the east started to thin. Now the light looks closer to right. ("Closer to correct" is better grammar, but here, I like the sound of "closer to right." Deal with it.)
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