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A busy week is about to happen

First, there will be work. That'll be part of this coming week. Wednesday brings the David Walker/Mike Russell joint signing, Walker signing his first novel Darius Logan: Super Justice Force, Russell signing his little book Cort and Fatboy and the Secret of the Buried Unicorns and his small-print-run collection of his comic strip The Sabertooth Vampire. That, again, is what's advertised here:

I'm also toying with a blood donation time; I'm past due, and my sweet, sweet O-negative blood can always be used. Maybe one day this week after work; there are a couple of days where the donation center I go to has evening hours.

Next weekend is Stumptown Comics Fest. Friends will be manning tables there, and I want to visit with them and also simply be around all that creative energy. I like this con, and I'm looking forward to spending time at it, especially now that it's moved from its previous location in a hotel to the larger spaces of the Oregon Convention Center, which among other things hosts the also-worthy event Wordstock. I'm looking forward to this.

Here's to looking forward to stuff.
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