Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Usually I feel better than this after blood draws

Strange night. Those of you who read my Twitter feed may have sensed that. And I was writing on it before I had trouble getting a good night's sleep.

Yesterday, after hanging around downtown after work a little longer than usual, I took a bus to the Red Cross donation center for my latest (overdue) blood donation. I'd decided over the weekend to do an after-work donation soon, and the donation center's open until 8:00 on Mondays. I'd powered down the fluids throughout Monday and ate more in preparation, plus called around noon to set up my appointment. The actual appointment went well: in fact I broke my record for how quickly I donated my pint. It was out in just over 4 1/2 minutes. My quickest previous was 6 minutes. Whoa.

It was once I got home, trying to eat a Big-Ass Sandwich special that I'd picked up on the way home, that I got...loopy. Loopier. And on top of that loopiness, was a surprising level of horniness. NOT usually a side effect of my donating. I don't feel THAT way about blood.

Anyway. Weird thoughts on Twitter, which I almost deleted, but I'll let that go and move on. (I won't link to them here, either, though I tend not to link my Twitter to this blog anyway.) But then I tried to sleep, and it was an often-interrupted night. Vivid, slightly annoying dreams happened, too, during the times I was asleep. And now I'm getting mixed signals from my stomach, which can't seem to decide whether or not I'm hungry. I'm getting some calories into me this morning, but not gladly.

OK, probably good to have a new rule: no evening blood donations. Do it no later than the afternoon. Mornings or mid-days are likely ideal. More time to replenish my fluid levels and get more calories into me. And more time to monitor if my mood is getting...weirder.

At least I didn't get as loopy as that poor toddler who got served alcohol instead of apple juice.
Tags: blood, dreams

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