Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And to go much, much lighter...'s a song! Inspired by the lovely batch of ladies I saw walking off Pill Hill Tuesday night, and set to the tune of Star Trekkin', across the universe...

Girl watching!
Across the Southwest hills!
Even more revivifying
Then to take some pills!
We all decided not to ride down the hill in a bus, because traffic was at a standstill and backed up all the way up Sam Jackson Pkwy. to the Shriner's Hospital, and that's a lot of traffic for that spot. We unloaded, walked different routes off of campus, and ran into each other again at the SW Naito Pkwy. and Hooker St. bus stop soon before the Ross Island Bridge. And one lovely one looked so much like Alexis Bledel that it was...I had thought of saying "scary," but I'd be using a cliche. And lying.
Tags: peregrinations, poetical, portland, star trek

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