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As Queen sang, just gimme gimme gimme fried chicken

Flour: no. Buttermilk: nope. Eggs: at least there's that. Chicken: well, my freezer has what Dad has called "boneless, skinless, tasteless chicken breasts" because it's how you prepare a boneless, skinless breast that makes it tasty. OK, no fried chicken tonight. Instead I'm now digesting chicken I boiled up on the stovetop, with some squeeze-bottle basil, butter and pepper seasoning it. That plus rice with some butter-like stuff and habanero sauce (Secret Aardvark, good and made in Portland). Close enough for my stomach.

That happened because of a craving (which I shouldn't call it, as "craving" really applies more specifically to what happens to pregnant women, but it fits in other contexts, too). It's not just fried chicken I wanted to eat. It's fried chicken I wanted to make.

Haven't done that since the '90s, and only when at Mom and Dad's. Didn't make it with buttermilk, as far as I remember, but there was batter. Oh, there was batter, with Parmesan cheese (from a Kraft Foods canister+) and eggs and flour, some of which would still be in the bowl where Mom had seasoned each breast before sticking the meat in the oven.

This might be TMI, but sometimes I'd damn the salmonella risk and lick that leftover batter up. Never got sick doing that, and got some flavor doing that, so that was positive reinforcement. (I also ate cookie batter. Not at the same time; that'd just be gross.)

Then the final, fully-cooked fried chicken was good, too. But that wasn't the sense-memory that hit me this afternoon: I wanted batter.

(Now I wonder if anyone's done deep-fried batter. Could you do "double-fried" fried chicken? Or, perhaps more simply, fry just the batter? We've deep-fried Twinkies, Snickers, insects -- heck, just type "deep-fried" into Google and see the search suggestions, like Pepsi, and your mouth might water -- we can find new frontiers of frying if we try!)

By the way, I did consider going to a restaurant tonight so someone else could fry chicken for me, but no place with fried chicken I like is close, plus I want to save money for Stumptown Comics Fest starting Saturday. And no restaurant is going to let me go to the back of the house and lick what they're cooking with. That health code violation would probably make the news...

But now I'm in the mood, when I get groceries again, to get fried chicken makings. Finally do it myself. See how I do it.

This is the most I've thought about fried chicken in years. This amuses me, but then, I'm easily amused.

Eat well, whatever you're going to eat...

+ It may not have been until this past decade that I ever noticed you could have Parmesan freshly grated. Or still in blocks. Means that cheap Parmesan is still my favorite Parmesan!

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